Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Is it time to sign the boys up for gymnastics? They were having a blast burning off some extra, crazy energy tonight. Check out the video!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Easter 2011

This year for Easter, we split the fun into two days. On Saturday, we went to Decatur to Grandma & Grandpa's house. I filled some plastic eggs with gold fish and other goodies and we had a small "hunt" in the front yard. Brandon and Matt stopped by to help. The boys would find an egg, stop, open it, eat the goodie and then put the egg in their bucket. It made for a very slow going hunt! We finally talked Nick into getting more than one at a time and then taking the stash back to eat. The other two couldn't be convinced!

Grandma boiled some eggs for us to color. I wasn't too sure about dying the eggs with the boys. So in honor of Grandma Williams, we had the boys color the eggs with crayons! It is a good thing the eggs were cooked! At the end, I don't think there was one egg that wasn't cracked. A few of them dropped off the counter and rolled across the floor. In all honesty, Grandma colored most of them. The boys tried with a few but then they saw the cool faces she was drawing and began asking her to draw one for them. They also had a few plastic eggs left over from the hunt so they put the real eggs in the plastic ones, like carriers... and then shook the plastic eggs. Again, it's a good thing they were hard boiled!

On Sunday, we packed up the re-filled plastic eggs and headed to Minonk for lunch and another egg hunt in the country. Unfortunately, after being up there for a little over an hour, we had to pack up and head home. Nick's allergies were acting up and the poor guy looked miserable! We're not sure what caused it, but he complained of a headache, had a constant runny nose and the clincher was when his eyes started swelling up. After coming home (taking some allergy meds) and naps (for the whole family - bonus!), he was all better. Although we had a great lunch with the family before we had to leave, we didn't get much time to visit or have an egg hunt. Thankfully, everyone was able to come over to our house after naps and we did the egg "hunt" here! We tried it out in the front yard since the back yard was still very swampy. And once again, they found an egg, opened it, ate the contents, put it in the basket, repeat. I think Grandma Judy and I ended up picking up the remaining eggs and just giving them the buckets full of treats to eat.

Maybe next year I'll be brave enough to take them to the mall to meet the Easter Bunny in person or to a real egg hunt...

Here is a slide show of more pictures from Easter weekend (If viewing this from your email, you may need to visit the blog site):

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We let the boys fish for the first time this weekend... and they loved it!

Okay, so it wasn't really fishing, but the game Let's Go Fishin'! The Easter Bunny brought it for them last weekend and they looked at it on the mantel all week (in the wrapping until I had a chance to validate the age appropriateness). Once it was opened, they were obsessed for the next few days. It is slowly starting to wear off, but they still go back to it frequently throughout the day.
Nick ~ Proud of his catch!
Alex ~ Is this big enough to keep or throw back?

We talked a little bit about one day when they go fishing for real with dad and grandpa and get to use worms and hooks. They seemed to be interested, but then again, the fish were going around and around on the table, so I'm not sure they were really paying attention to me!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The boys and I took a walk yesterday and found some fun puddles to run through. Thank goodness for rubber boots! We did have to strip off their boots, pants, socks and jackets before we went in the house... they were soaked!!! Here's a short video...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

We had a great Halloween this year! Here are a few pictures from tonight to tide you over until I add more!

Thanks again to our family for coming up and celebrating with us!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Painting

Earlier this month, the boys all picked out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. Last week, we painted the pumpkins!




Finished Pumpkins:

We also got a couple of bigger pumpkins to carve. I might even try to trace/carve a Star Wars pumpkin. Kinda curious to see what they think of pumpkin guts!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Summer 2010

I know, it's well into fall but I wanted to finally post some pics and such about our summer.

The pool was a fun summer favorite. They were in our inflatable pool almost every day and on the weekends, we typically went down to my aunt’s house to swim in the big pool.
Alex is a pro and swims all over the place. He’ll even jump in from the edge. Over the 4th of July weekend, he jumped in and even went all the way under (without us catching him). Didn’t seem to phase him much. Now he'll do it more willingly, but only once or twice before he's back to "you catch me". Logan is also a little fish. He’ll jump in too, but not quite as dramatically as Alex. Nick on the other hand... Well, he has gone from not even getting in - to getting in but clinging to Grandma for dear life – to holding onto Grandma for dear life, but kicking his feet - to finally letting go of Grandma and swimming. We’re making progress. By the end of the summer he was more comfortable swimming on his own. He's even jumped in a few times too, although from a seated position on the edge of the pool - not standing. Of course, he prefers Grandma through all of this because I will just let him float until he swims to me – much more traumatizing for him :-)

Below is part of a post I started back in July but never finished. Wanted to post it now ...

The things these boys say now! You have to watch what you say because they will repeat you. And they pick out the most random things to repeat. They also point phrases you don’t realize you say quite as much as you do. For a while, whenever you’d ask Alex or Nick something (do you want to ...), they’d respond “yeah, ok, sure” or “sure, why not!”. Recently a big thing we hear a lot is “I said No!” and then a response from a brother (or us) “I said Yes!” and it goes one for a while, back and forth. Cute when it’s between them, not so cute when it’s a fight between us and them!

Meal times are still horrible, but I don’t expect that to change for a while. Logan has chicken fingers/nuggets/etc. for the last 3 or 4 nights in a row (at least) and some lunches too. Oh well, at least he’s eating. Alex can have a meal of only chips or french fries. I know, horrible mom, but at least he eats better at other meals that day! Nick is very particular about his food. Do not, under any circumstance, no matter how much you KNOW he is not going to eat something, take it off his plate. He will throw a fit if he doesn’t get it back – and he doesn’t care if you already ate it – cough it back up right now! A trade doesn’t usually work either. He wants the exact thing you just took. But, meals are only 1.5 ish hours a day, right?! Manageable... I guess...

We started potty training a little over the summer. We didn't push it too much The boys did good for a while, but it never really stuck. Logan has done the best so far, going both #1 and #2 on the potty multiple times. Nick did pretty good at sitting and reading a book, but rarely "did" anything. Alex would sit there, but didn't quite care if he went in the potty or his big boy underwear. But they looked so cute sitting on their chairs reading their books! I figure we'll get back to it soon enough...

This summer we also got to hang out with cousin Halas when he came up for his aunt's wedding. In this picture, we're problably introducing him to The Wizard of Oz.

This was a big favorite for a while. It amazes me how quickly their little brains absorb things. After seeing the movie only once, they were telling me so many of the little details! Now we've seen it so many times that they not only know the songs, but mimic the scarecrow and tin-man dances. Nick followed the chalk "yellow brick road" over and over one day for almost 15 minutes! Our patio isn't that big!

Here a few more of my favorite summer pictures. You can see even more pictures of our summer here. I also updated the side bar on the blog with more pictures.